RTW Travel Clothing for Women

Minimalist & Lightweight for Carry-on Only Travel

As a female, what clothes should I bring for a full year traveling around the world? That was a very difficult question for me to answer when planning for our trip. It’s not like a short vacation to a single destination and you only have one climate to think about. On our RTW trip, we may have times we go from 80 degree Fahrenheit tropical weather to a 30 degree Fahrenheit winter wonderland.

Also, in some areas of the world it is customary for women (and men) to cover their shoulders and knees, such as in native villages in Vanuatu and when entering temples in Southeast Asia. And things get even trickier since we are traveling with 30L backpacks and bringing lots of camera equipment, so there is very little room left for clothes. A lot to consider! I tried to chose items that are versatile, comfortable, and can go a few wears before needing to be washed (hence all the wool items).

RTW Clothing Packing List for Women

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The following is my final list of what clothes I am bringing for our RTW trip: 

Short Sleeve Shirts
Long Sleeve Shirts
Cold/Foul Weather
Socks & Underwear
  • Bathing Suit
  • Beach Hat
  • Cami (to sleep in)
  • Boyshort (to sleep in)
  • Bula Multipurpose Head Cloth
  • Arcade Adventure Belt – https://amzn.to/2wpm1zb

I think I did pretty good! What do you think? Am I missing anything that you can think of or that you brought and couldn’t go without?

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