Vodafone SIM Card in Portugal - Review

Each of us brought our unlocked iPhones with us with the plan to purchase local SIM cards for data. When we arrived in Portugal, our intent was to purchase Vodafone SIM cards. We had used Vodafone successfully in Australia and Malta.

An Unexpected Perk

We were in Malta immediately before Portugal and the best mobile phone deal was to purchase a 30-day 10GB plan, even though we were going to be in Malta for under two weeks. When we landed in Portugal, we received a text message from Vodafone letting us know that our Malta plan was still in place and that we could “roam freely”. Nice!

In terms of timeframe, we lucked out. Our Vodafone SIM cards expire just 4 days before our departure. Rather than purchase SIM cards for the last few days we’ll use the wifi at our AirBnB. 

Our Cost: $0 USD
Future Reference

The Vodafone web site has info about free roaming through Europe (58 countries as of today), as well as per day charges for other countries/regions of the world. Details can be found at https://n.vodafone.ie/roaming.html 

What do we think?

We had 4G coverage everywhere we traveled. Coverage was very fast and consistent. 

Would you recommend a Vodafone SIM card in Portugal?

Yes. Based on our experience it was great.

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