Gulp...this was difficult to do.

Today we set our retirement deductions to $0. No 403Bs, no IRAs, nothing, nada, zip.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Rachel and I are planners and are fairly frugal. We have been very consistent with investing into retirement accounts on a monthly basis…dollar cost averaging! Plus, we were taking advantage of employer matches to our retirement account, which equates to getting FREE MONEY.

Until today.

For the next year, we have cut all non-essential expenses from our budget so that we can save for our RTW life reset. This included stopping all retirement savings. Interesting enough, in reality this means that we will not be saving for retirement for TWO years – this year while we are preparing, and next year while we are traveling. Yikes!

However, let’s look at this from another angle – this trip is like taking one year of retirement early. We’re not waiting until our 60s, we’re taking a year to travel the world in our 40’s. For us, we are just changing the order of things. We’re taking a year of our retirement NOW.

Might we need to work another year later in life? Sure! But who knows what the future will hold. Will we be healthy? Will travel become prohibitively expensive? Will…?

Ironically, by putting retirement savings on hold we are able to take one year of our retirement now…rather than in two or three decades. It still makes me nervous, but I suspect this is not the first time I will feel that way on this adventure!