What do dentists call their X-rays?

Answer: Tooth-pics

Wow, that was bad. Sorry. Rachel told me not to include it, but I couldn’t help myself. Warning…there is another one at the end.

While going to the doctor or dentist is generally not most people’s idea of a good time, it is something folks looking at going on a yearlong round the world (RTW) trip should do. I am writing this article the day after I had the first part of the procedure to have dental crowns installed on two molars. 

Last year, I had a regular dental appointment/cleaning. I told the dentist about our life reset plans and asked for a really close inspection of my teeth because I didn’t want to run into any issues. During the exam, the dentist mentioned that two teeth would need to be monitored. They both had 25-year-old fillings and the teeth themselves had hairline fractures…which I learned is not uncommon with old fillings like this. 

When I went back to the dentist this year, one tooth definitely needed a crown. The second was on the edge and would likely need one sometime within the next year or so. Well, this next year will put us in a lot of different countries. The last thing I wanted to do was crack a molar while eating an amazing meal somewhere and then have to try and track down a dentist! Fortunately, my insurance company approved both crowns. We weren’t sure if they were going to approve the second one since it was just on the edge. 

End Result

Four hours in the dental chair getting a cleaning and having part one of the crown procedure. I have temporary crowns now and go back in a few weeks to get my new crowns installed. It wasn’t fun, but at least I don’t have to worry about those teeth cracking on the road!

Rachel has her regular dental appointment in a few months. Fortunately, she has had fewer issues with her teeth, but it will be nice getting the all clear before we depart.

My point in telling this story is really just a suggestion to get check-ups like this before departing on a RTW trip. Yes, there are financial costs involved, but the last thing you want to do when traveling is deal with a cracked tooth or other issue that otherwise could have been avoided. 

Ok, since you made it this far I’ll entertain you with another horrible joke. 

What does the dentist of the year get?
Answer: A little plaque.
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