RTW Travel Clothing for Men

Minimalist & Lightweight for Carry-on Only Travel

There were a few things I wanted to keep in consideration when deciding what clothes to bring on our RTW trip. The first thing is that we are traveling around the world for a year with 30L backpacks and small daypacks – can we say carry-on only! This is not a lot of space, so bringing clothes that are lightweight, don’t wrinkle easy, and don’t require a lot of washing to “stay fresh” is important. We’re also traveling to various climates, so the ability to layer, adjust as appropriate, etc., was another factor. Finally, I wanted enough clothing variety so that I can feel comfortable bumming around on the beach, but also have something to wear out for a nice dinner.

Merino wool is your friend

You will notice that 90% of the clothes are merino wool. Rachel and I first learned about the awesomeness of merino wool several years ago when we went to Alaska. It really is tremendous – it’s lightweight, antimicrobial and antibacterial (therefore doesn’t get smelly after wearing it day after day), doesn’t wrinkle very easily, keeps you cool in warm weather, and keeps you warm in cold weather. All of this comes at a price – merino wool is expensive. Because we gave ourselves a year to plan for our RTW life reset, we kept an eye out for sales and clearance opportunities.

RTW Clothing Packing List for Men

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Short Sleeve Shirts
Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Unbound Merino Long Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Wool & Prince Button-Down Oxford
  • Bluffworks Meridian Travel Shirt
  • Denali Sunshirt – https://amzn.to/2PJaxil
Cold/Foul Weather 
Socks & Underwear
  • Lowa Tiago GTX Lo
  • Bedrock Cairn Adventure Hiking Sandal
Did we forget anything? Do you have any thoughts to share about hitting the life reset button? Please post below or contact us directly!