New Zealand Travel Budget Breakdown

We departed Vanuatu on September 19, landed in New Zealand later that day, and stayed until October 25. For the purpose of budgeting we are including any costs from September 19 onward, including the flight to New Zealand. The expenses outlined below are for 2 people and are in United States dollars (USD).

New Zealand

September 19 – October 25

Total Number of Days


Total Expense

$5,339.43 USD

Average Daily Cost


**Above the overall trip daily average that we are aiming for, but lower than we anticipated for New Zealand considering that it is one of the more expensive countries we plan to visit.


Transportation (airlines, ferry, car rental, fuel, parking, etc.)


  • We were fortunate in locating an excellent deal on a rental car, which we used for almost all of our time in New Zealand. Click here for our related blog post.

  • Our fuel costs were almost one-third of our transportation costs ($486.48); We drove around 4,500 km (2,800 miles).



  • The majority of our time was at AirBnBs, although we stayed with friends in Auckland and Christchurch (thanks guys!) which saved us accommodation cost.

Food (groceries, restaurants, coffees, wine, etc.)


  • While in Australia we didn’t eat out very much. Here in New Zealand, we did eat out at lunch more frequently. 





Mobile (SIM card)


  • A Spark SIM card for each of our mobile phones.

What does this not include?

While these are costs associated with our travels, they are not country-specific, which is why they are not included in this expense report. 

Trail Wallet

To help keep track of our budget and expenses, we have been using an app called Trail Wallet, which is what allowed us to easily track and report category-specific expenses. Click here for a separate post about Trail Wallet. 

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