Bisa shares her top animal experience, favorite travel photo, and number one tip for newbies

Bisa started her blog Myles to Travel in 2016 after she finished treatment for breast cancer. Although she loved to travel before her diagnoses, traveling became an essential part of her healing process and survivorship plan. When she is not working her fulltime gig as an accountant she is traveling and pursuing a career in freelance writing and photography.

Bisa answered three questions for us that we thought would be helpful, insightful, or entertaining for fellow RTW travelers as part of a series of guest posts!

What has been your top animal experience?

While I was visiting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park ( Volunteers can spend the day feeding, bathing and hanging out with the elephants. The park is a sanctuary and rescue center for animals. Visitors can volunteer as little as half a day of their time at Elephant Nature Park, or you can stay as long as a week helping out with the animals. One of the most popular things you see tourist do in Asia is riding elephants. Those animals are often mistreated and abused. Facilities like Elephant Nature Park rescue the animals and nurse them back to health and give them a place to live for the rest of their lives. It was just an educational and rewarding experience.

What is (one of) your favorite photos?

I had a hard time just picking one of my favorite photos. When I read the question, I immediately thought of this picture I took in India. These ladies were at a location known as the Red Taj Mahal in Agra India.

Women at the Red Taj Mahal in Agra India.

I chose this as one of my favorites because it represents a different side of India. You hear about a lot of negative things that happen in India. Some of my friends told me I should not go to India because they had heard it smelled terrible and I would not be safe there because I was a woman. Although I traveled with a group of about 10 men and women I never felt like I was in any danger. India was challenging, and certain parts do have terrible pollution. It is also a beautiful country with delicious food and interesting history and culture.

What is your number ONE tip for newbie international or RTW travelers?

My number one tip for anyone who is new to international travel is to be flexible and try not to plan out every detail of their trip. On my first solo trips was to Turkey I had everything planned for every day of the two weeks I was going to be there.

What I didn’t plan for is my reservations to Cappadocia getting screwed up that left me without transportation to get there or a place to stay. Then I got sick and ended up in bed for almost two days. I had to cancel a tour I had planned and couldn’t get a refund. I also didn’t plan on meeting people that I eventually hung out with and discovered new places that were not on my list. A couple of times I got so frustrated and started to cry because everything was going wrong. I just wanted to go home. I was beginning to think visiting Turkey by myself was the biggest mistake I ever made.

In the end, the trip turned out great, and I had the most fun I ever had traveling. Turkey is now one of my favorite countries, and I recommend it to everyone.

Thank you, Bisa, for such great info! Be sure to check out Bisa’s blog and social media channels!