It's almost time to get on an airplane

As we write this post, we’re sitting on beach chairs in our virtually empty apartment. Our last few meals have consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or pizza, and we’re pretty much living out of the backpacks that we’ll be traveling with for the next year. Our friends threw us a going away party last night, which was awesome and meant a lot to us. Saying goodbye to close friends, knowing that we’re not going to see them for a year, definitely made things feel more real. However, it still feels a bit surreal and we don’t think the scope of our RTW trip will truly hit us until we hop on the airplane with those one-way tickets to Australia.

It’s been a busy last few weeks

We gave ourselves almost three weeks after leaving our jobs to finalize our RTW travel plans, and we’re glad we did! It’s been quite busy; far busier than we expected. The first week was full of friends and family visiting us, as well as us going to visit friends (and bring some belongings that they’re keeping for us). After that, we started working through our final checklist. Here is a rundown of a few of the things we did:

  • Packed everything up and put it in storage or brought it to friends’ houses
  • Made a list of what friends and family were keeping particular belongings 
  • Made copies of the key to our storage unit and gave those to trusted friends and family
  • Scanned important documents so that we had virtual copies; we also gave copies of these to a few folks in case of an emergency
  • Sold both of our vehicles
  • Got our International Driving Permits
  • Got the final round of vaccinations. The cholera one was quite interesting. They mix it up in a small cup and you swig it down – yum!
  • Verified all of the usernames and passwords for our online accounts
  • Figured out what we were doing about our mobile phones
  • Made sure what had what travel apps we wanted downloaded on our phones
  • Updated our contact information with our banks and credit card companies
  • Notified our banks and credit card companies of our travel plans
  • Cancelled Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Cancelled EZ Pass and turned in our transponders
  • Pre-downloaded Epidemic Sound music for our videos so we had some in case we didn’t have good internet access
  • Sprayed our backpacks and sleeping bag liners with Permethrin (hopefully it will help prevent bed bug issues)
  • Updated our resumes so they are ready to go upon our return
  • Prepaid our storage unit for the year and made a friend the emergency contact
  • Prepaid our life insurance policies for a full year
  • Forwarded our mail to a friend’s house
  • Called the utility companies to cancel our service
  • Paid our final rent payment – woohoo!

We’re as prepared as we can be

It has been quite the year. There were times that it seemed the start of our RTW life reset would never begin and there were other times when weeks and months slipped past rapidly. If you want the month-by-month breakdown of what we did for the past 12 months, check out

We’ve talked about whether or not we needed the full year to plan and have come to the conclusion that 6 months would have been fine. This would have given ample time to research destinations, figure out logistics, and complete our vaccinations series (one of which required 6 months). However, from a financial standpoint having the full year was a much better timeframe!

No looking back 

If you read our post What is a “life reset”? you know that we first started talking about doing a RTW trip in 2015, but talked ourselves out of it.

This time around, right at the very beginning, we had a conversation where we agreed that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it…no looking back.

We knew there were going to be scary parts – stopping retirement savings, figuring our health insurance, all of the unknowns – but this time we weren’t going to let that stop us. From that point, we had a total of ZERO conversations about second-guesses or changing our minds.

This will be our final RTW travel planning and preparation post. The next time we publish a post we will be on the road starting our new life reset adventure. If you are planning a RTW trip or other long-term travel adventure, we hope you find our experiences and posts helpful!

Do you have any thoughts to share about hitting the life reset button? Please post below or contact us directly!


Mom and Dad · July 4, 2018 at 5:20 pm

It is hard for us to believe that it’s all set and tomorrow you set off for your first destination. Australia! Touch base when you can but above all have a great adventure.

    Peter & Rachel · July 9, 2018 at 12:16 am

    Thanks guys!! We’ll take lots of great pics to share!

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