An absolute highlight of our time in Australia

Kangaroo Island was not on our original itinerary, but within minutes of getting off the ferry we knew we were going to like it. Before long we were seeing beautiful scenery, sheep and kangaroos in the fields, and just about everyone was giving us a friendly wave.


Flinders Chase National Park

In addition to taking part in a dolphin survey with KIVH Dolphin Watch, we had a great time exploring the island. One day we went to Flinders Chase National Park on the southwest side of the island. Here we saw two natural wonders of the area, the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

Remarkable Rocks

Truly remarkable. Neither of us had ever seen natural formations like this before.

Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch also turned out to be a great place to see wild fur seals hanging out enjoying the water and the sun. We were fortunate to see some seal pups, as well. So cute!


Our First Koala

On our way back home that same day we saw our first koala. We noticed a car had pulled to the side of the road and two people were looking up in the tree. Bingo! He/she (not sure which) was very close and really fun to watch.


Was Velma a Model?

A bit off topic, but one of the road signs that struck us every time we saw it was the one below. Doesn’t the woman in the sign look like Velma from Scooby Doo? Jinkies!


Wine, Gin & Beer

Wine and gin on Kangaroo Island? Yup, and both were top shelf. The beer was quite good, as well!

Islander Estates (our fav)

We were told by one of the servers on our Barossa wine tour that Kangaroo Island has some really good wineries. And they were right! We went to several wine tastings, and while some had spectacular views, the one that we thought stood out for quality of wine was Islander Estates. In fact, we liked it so much we bought a bottle when we did the tasting, and then went back a different day to get another!

The Islander Estates winemaker, Jacques Lurton, is a renowned winemaker from Bordeaux, France, which was apparent in his wines. Pete and I are huge fans of French wines, so this is probably why we liked it so much. 

Kangaroo Island Spirits

And then there’s the gin. Kangaroo Island Spirits gin is so good it has won countless awards including most recently winning the 2018 gold medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition with it’s Old Tom Gin. I would have to say this was the best gin I’ve ever tasted! Very complex with layers of flavor. Their other gins were amazing too.


While there, the staff member asked if we wanted to see their resident koala. We walked outside and in a tree by the parking lot was the Godzilla of koalas. He was the size of a five-year-old child…seriously. Unfortunately, he was too high up for a good photo, but we wanted to mention him because he was so impressive.

Kangaroo Island Brewery

In addition to wine and gin, Kangaroo Island is home to a nice brewery, as well. Pretty amazing options considering the island is accessible only by ferry and only has 4,700 full time residents!


Just a Few More Photos


We had a great time exploring Kangaroo Island and would love to go back some day. From the beautiful scenery to the kind and welcoming people, Kangaroo Island was a highlight of our RTW trip.

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