From Trolls to Artists

When we hit our first life reset button in 2015, we downsized from a very large house to a 700 square foot apartment. I mention this to put in perspective that we don’t have that much extra “stuff”. However, we are eliminating a lot of what we own as we prepare for our RTW life reset. Frankly, most things are replaceable and we don’t see the need to rent a massive storage unit. Plus, every dollar earned by offloading a material possession can go toward our life experience budget!

This Brings us to Craigslist

Craiglist is a great marketplace. However, anyone who has sold or purchased items on Craigslist can likely tell you a few interesting stories. Here are a few of my recent experiences.

“The Time Waster”

I had a really nice mountain bike for sale. A young woman contacted me about checking out the bike and taking it for a spin. We met, she liked the bike and said she would think about it. We stayed in contact and she said that she likely wanted to buy it but wanted to check it out one more time. We met a SECOND time, she tried it again, said she liked it and wanted to buy it, but didn’t bring money with her. We then set a THIRD date and time to meet at the same location one week later. She showed up, but as I started to take the bike down from my bike rack she said that she didn’t have all the money because she didn’t realize that her ATM had a daily limit and she had maxed the limit that day, which was below the cost of the bike. She seemed embarrassed and asked if she could pay the balance via PayPal (which I declined). I told her that I had someone else potentially interested, but that if he didn’t want the bike she could still have it. He didn’t want it so I reached back out to her twice. Crickets. No response. Wow.

“The Troll”

I dabble in oil painting as a hobby and discovered that I prefer painting on panels rather than canvas. I had a large selection of canvases that I knew I was not going to use so I listed them as a group package for sale. I promptly had a guy contact me saying that they were overpriced and that he could buy them for that price at a local art store. I checked and he was right, so I lowered the prices and thanked him. A few days later he contacted me saying that he thought they were still too high…he had a coupon for the art store…but that he would offer me $20 for all of them…a FRACTION of what they were worth. I ignored him. A few days later he contacted me again offering me $30 for all of them. I ignored him. This guy was just one example of the many strange folks that troll Craiglist looking to annoy you with bizarre questions, lowball offers, etc.

NOTE: You can block people from continuing to contact you.

“The Artist”

Fortunately, a self-described “starving artist” saw my canvases listed and snatched them up. As it turns out, he is establishing quite a name for himself and has sold several of his pieces to several celebrities. Rachel had the interesting thought that one of my canvases may end up in a famous person’s home one day. Pretty funny!

“The Aussies”

When traveling, some of the most interesting and kind people we have met are from Australia. We had a nice 15.5 foot touring kayak for sale and a gentleman from North Carolina inquired and agreed to drive up to Virginia and purchase the kayak. As it turns out, he and his wife (who was with him) are from Australia and they will be going back to Australia next year. We told them about our trip and they shared some terrific insights. They also provided us with their contact information and invited us to contact them if we have any questions or when we reach Australia.

There are some great and interesting people out there. There are also some bizarre and inconsiderate people. I suspect that we will experience a bit of both on our RTW adventure!

SAFETY TIP – A great place to meet people to purchase/sell items on Craigslist (or similar services) is your local police department or precinct. Many police departments have designated areas that are under camera surveillance.

Do you have any deep, or not-so-deep, thoughts to share about hitting the life reset button? Please post below or contact us directly!