Why is this important?

Once we decided to hit the life reset button and go on this RTW adventure, we reached out to everyone we met on our various travels. Our core email message was something like this:

The reason we are writing is to let you know about our next life adventure. We are planning to take a year off to do an around-the-world backpack trip. Our planned departure date is August 1, 2018…we are just starting the planning process and wanted to give ourselves ample time to save money, research locations, and prepare. With that in mind, we are emailing all of our family, friends and contacts to let them know and to get their thoughts and ideas.

Currently, we’re researching ASIA (Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam); SOUTH AMERICA (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay); OCEANIA/AUSTRALASIA (Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand); and EUROPE (Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom). These are not set in stone, so if you have any thoughts on these places or any other recommendations, please let us know.

We have not done much international travel, so this will be quite the adventure for us, which is why we are reaching out to more travel-hardy folks for their insight and advice!

The feedback, input, and guidance has been amazing! When you combine the experience of all our friends, they have been to every continent and to more countries than we can count. This FIRST HAND experience is extremely beneficial and is helping us determine what locations have been marketed and advertised well versus those locations that we ultimately want to visit and will give us the experience we are looking for.


Whenever you go on vacation and meet cool people who have traveled the world, get their names, emails and numbers. Why? Because if you don’t have a lot of travel experience and decide to do a RTW life reset they are amazing resources!


Quick Tip #1 especially applies if you meet people from Australia and New Zealand! We have stayed in touch with some of the most amazing Aussies and Kiwis who we met on several trips. They are some of the warmest, sincere, and most fun people we have ever met.

Do you have any RTW travel thoughts or suggestions? If so, please post them below!