Bluffworks Pants: Perfect for lightweight RTW travel

I’m bringing two pair of Bluffworks pants on our year-long RTW trip. Because our backpacks are only 30L, we had to be very selective in what clothing to bring. Here is what I was looking for in my travel pants:

  • Durable – I need pants that would last a year with regular use, yet also be lightweight.
  • Comfortable – We’re going to have some long flights, bus rides, and train rides. I needed travel pants that were not just durable, but comfortable as well.
  • Versatile – Hiking? Yes. Going out to a nice dinner? Yes. Attending a function we are invited to? Yes. These travel pants needed to do it all!
  • Security – Although I’ll be using a hidden travel wallet that hangs off my belt, I was looking for a travel pant that had hidden pockets of some sort.

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Ultimately, I decided on one pair of Bluffworks Chinos and one pair of Bluffworks Original. Here’s the rundown:

Bluffworks Chinos  
  • I purchased the “regular fit” in the stone gray color. I’m a slender guy, but these pants looked pretty slim anyway, and I thought their “tailored fit” would be a bit too snug for my taste. 

  • From a durability standpoint, these are polyester and I have read multiple reviews of people wearing these for months on end with great success. 

  • In terms of comfort, these pants have a slight stretch to them. It’s very slight, but enough to truly make these pants extremely comfortable. 

  • I went with a lighter color so that I would have a warm weather pant. I didn’t want to be limited to a dark color when in warm climates. 

  • I wear a shirt and I tie every day to work. These pants would be fine in an office setting. However, these will work equally well with a t-shirt and hiking boots. Check out the video to see how these pants look with a dress shirt.

  • Both front pockets have hidden zipper pockets, which are slim enough to not feel bulky, but still large enough to hold things like a passport, wallet, and money. One of the back pockets zippers shut, and there is a somewhat hidden rear pocket underneath the right back pocket. It would be good for (some) mobile phones, extra money, etc. I do wish this pocket and the right rear pocket had zipper closures for added security.

  • Click here to check these pants out on the Bluffworks web site –
Bluffworks Original
  • I first purchased the “regular fit” in the same waist and inseam size as the Chinos in the charcoal color. However, I sent them back for two reasons. 

    • The charcoal color is very formal/dressy looking. They were very nice looking, but it would have been more challenging to dress these down (hiking, casual, etc.). I exchanged them for the classic gray and I am much happier with this color.

    • The Chinos have stretch, but the Original Bluffworks do not. As a result, when I sat down the Originals rode way up on my calf…much more than with the Chinos. I exchanged my original inseam for the next size up and they were perfect. 

  • You can find a ton of positive reviews on durability with the Bluffworks Original. These pants feel a bit more durable than the Chinos, but it could be because there is no stretch. 

  • These are comfortable, but the material is stiffer than the Chino and without the stretch they’re not quite as comfortable. I suspect they’ll break in and get softer over time. The fit is a bit more relaxed, despite both being “regular fit”, due to a slightly different cut.

  • As with the Chinos, these pants are easy to dress up and down. 

  • Security is the same as both pairs of pants have the same pocket configuration. 

  • Click here to check these pants out on the Bluffworks web site –

Sizing Note – Before ordering Bluffworks travel pants, be sure to check out their sizing guide. I found that it was quite accurate. However, don’t base your measurements on your jeans or other pants. Use a tape measure to take some measurements. Their chart was spot on. The only suggestion I have, as mentioned above, would be to err on the longer side with the Originals if you are in between sizes. 

Any negatives?

I do wish both back pockets had zippered closures. With the back pocket that doesn’t have a zipper closure, a hidden pocket (like is found in the front pockets) would be terrific. 

These pants are not inexpensive. The Chinos were $125 and the Original were $98. The quality is excellent, but they should be considering the cost.

It’s too bad they don’t have a women’s line. Rachel would have loved a women’s version of these pants.

May 29, 2018 Update – Bluffworks saw our review and reached out to let us know that they are developing a women’s line with a Spring 2019 launch timeframe! Nice! As part of their research and development they are going to survey women to find out their thoughts on what types of clothing, features, etc. People interested can sign up here:

What other travel pant options did you consider?

I had some old hiking pants that I considered, but they were definitely worn and I don’t think they would last another year. They were also obviously hiking pants and there was no way to dress them up for nice occasions.

I tried other travel pants on the market that had hidden pockets. There was one pair that I really wanted to work for me because of all the hidden pockets it had and the material was very soft and comfortable. However, I tried different sizes and the pants just didn’t fit me well. There were other travel pants that were more of a cargo pant style, but I wanted something more subtle and again, it’s a bit challenging to look dressy in cargo pants.

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