Rookie, Novice, Greenhorn

When I was fifteen years old, I went to Spain on a week-long trip coordinated and arranged by my high school Spanish teacher for interested students. A few years ago, Rachel and I went to Paris, France for a week. Ironically, this was coordinated and arranged by a middle school French teacher who put the trip together for her students and other interested people. I was working in education at the time, so Rachel and I took advantage of the opportunity and joined the trip. That is the extent of our international travel experience.

While we’re not quite international travel virgins, we’re pretty darn close.

A friend of ours is a documentary cinematographer and through his work with organizations such as National Geographic, Discovery and PBS, has traveled extensively around the world. He was one of the first people we told and I thought his reaction was very interesting. His first question was whether either of us had done much international travel. When we said no, he said he was thrilled for us and envious of all the “first time” experiences we will have.

He is right. We are going to be bombarded with “firsts”. Different cultures, languages, and food. Staying in hostels, homestays, and camper vans. Traveling via rickshaw, chicken bus, and sleeper train. Going on a Visa run. Being unemployed. Living out of a backpack. Etc., etc. The most exciting part will be the many unexpected and unknown new experiences we will have.

Experiencing a Lot of Firsts…Together

Rachel and I were talking about this one evening and had another realization. We feel fortunate that neither one of us has a lot of international travel experience. If one of us had backpacked around Europe or South America in our 20’s, much of the unknown would not be there. Likewise, if we had vacationed around the world (versus the United States) during our marriage, this experience would likely be very different.

What a great opportunity that our inexperience and novice-ness (probably not a word) bring us!

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